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The week ending 4th June 2006

Looking like a quiet week. So I (this time Volker) collected everything :)

Recent questions from the ml:

How to get a directory-list?
'list-dir shows directory, but how to get the files in a block?
simply "myDir: read %/c/temp/".

As usual the questioner was pointed also to "use the source, luke".
Still an unknown fact that rebol includes most of its source, as in "source list-dir" :)

Alessandro tried a bit networking and asked how to send data from the server back to the client. "serverPort: open/lines tcp://:80" and so on.
Gregg noted "WAIT returns the client port, so you can INSERT data into it.", from there on its easy :)

"I'd like to know if Rebol can extract system informations ? like processor type and speed, ram size, mac adress, netbios names, hostnames, installed softwares ... and so on"
the suggestions got toward using shell-commands. "Ms Windows can use "ipconfig" to get info about network; "net" let you get info about folder sharing, "route" about routing, etc...)". In that thread there is also some info how to check on which os the script runs, Gabriele has a nice function

Rebol I/E plugin and accessing page objects?
Does not really help, but yes, there is an ie plugin an even an alpha firefox/windows-plugin. And the ie-plugin can call javascript somehow. And Chris has done that before (Source).

On altme:

Sometimes questions can be asked like this:
view layout [box red key 'f5 [print "how do I capture F-keys?"]]
Single message :) btw the answer is:
view layout [button "F5 Button" keycode 'f5 [print "got F5"]]

Geomol continues work on his opengl-server, has mouse support now.

Anton has a patch for ftp. Because the inbuilt make-dir/deep with ftp does not work correctly.

Henrik wanted to let user send prefilled email and was pointed to "browse mailto:". Interesting what "mailto:" can do, as DideC pointed out by this link.

DocKimbel, who wrote the mysql-interface, seems close to a fix for a rare but nasty handshake-problem.

Robert & Cyphre have published some cool features and fixes for RebGui but the trac documentation for these have yet to appear.

Altme-beta goes 1.2.3 . Main feature: no auto-syncing of all files in the shared folder, better for people with low bandwidth connections.

Henrik notes "looks like rebol/view ubuntu version runs fine on ubuntu dapper". (which is important because dapper is fresh released and everything :)

Carl Sassenrath, author of rebol, is using Mac/Intel as development system. The growing number of Mac-users here look happy. :)

Rebolek: "http://krutek.info/rebol/hardcode.zip - This is first version of Search'n'replace-kind of utility. Please, let me know what do you think about it."
(that was addressed to our more private altme-circle, but.. ;)


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