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The week ending 18th June 2006

Mysql v.1.0.6

Dockimbel has finally decided, after 4 years of beta-testing, to release a version 1 of his long standing and useful mysql driver!

"I've just run a big stress test with 40'000+ requests generating around 2Gb of traffic without any trouble ! No bad handshakes anymore if you're using v5+ tables and new passwords." - Nenad

Mailing List Tagging Project

Not nearly as long in the making, but the library team has managed to tag each message after a 2 year effort

"Every thread on the ML archive has been eyeballed by hand (and / or some semi-automated tools) and many threads have been tagged as to their "purpose" /semantic content" - Sunanda

Rebol Plugin

RT have announced a new beta release of REBOL/Plugin. This release includes several new features, including:
  • Multiple instance support -- you can now have up to 5 instances within one IE process.
  • Automatic updating -- after this release, backwards-compatible updates will come automatically with user consent (no uninstall required).
  • Smooth install for FireFox and Mozilla.org-based browsers
  • Now compatible with Opera and all Mozilla browsers compatible with npruntime.
  • do-browser now functions in Mozilla.
Note that the old demos have not been updated yet and so will not work with the new plugin. However, you can try it with the synapse chat demo. Hopefully someone other than Eliza will be online!


Brett has released his parse-tree script which ".. is a function that returns nested blocks and words that represent the structure of your input, based upon parse rules that you give it." - Brett

Checksums on large data

Ever wanted to do a checksum on a large bit of data such as an iso image but found that Rebol crashed or appeared to lock up? I've always used external md5 utilties to do this for me, but it now appears that Rebol has been able to do this for some time using a checksum port!

We do have to ask why this information has not been documented some years ago ... and wonder what other Easter eggs remain hidden.


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