A summary of what's happening in the REBOL community.

The week ending 28th May, 2006


Sunanda has written a new article, Reading CGI input data safely .
Accompany source code is available

Graham contributed 'skype.r', a rebol script to call Skype via com. Requires /Pro or /Command
http://www.rebol.org/cgi-bin/cgiwrap/rebol/view-script.r?script=skype.r as well as the necessary dlls as documented.

Gregg has contributed 2 scripts
- file-date-comparison-ctx , which allows you to compares file dates using a dialect
- file-size-comparison-ctx, which compare file sizes using a friendly dialect

Xavier Debecq contributed a script XPDev that allows XP programmers to manage their documentation.

AltMe :
OpenGL for REBOL
John Niclasen, aka Geomol, had created an OpenGL solution for REBOL (on Mac OS X).

More information available at

Mailing List :
Alessandro's question on "How to read a BIG file" gives rise to a good tip.

TIPS : /seek mode was created in the 'open' function one to rapidly access large files.

Read more on 'seek' here : http://www.rebol.net/article/0199.html

On the NET :

OSNEWS.com :
Internet2, a not-for-profit consortium of over 200 US universities, collaborated with SURFNet to provide Internet2 Detective.
Internet2 Detective provides an easy way for the average computer users to detect and find out the status and capabilities of their current network.

Sighted on RebelBB, forum for French REBOL community, is another full-blown BBS written in REBOL.

This REBOLWeek is brought to you by YekSoon, from Singapore.


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